Chocolate Boutique

GRAND CRU CHOCOLATE by local chocolatier Ludwig Ratzinger

Made with “noble-grade” Criollo, Trinitario and Wild Cocoa beans from selected Farmers in Venezuela, Ecuador, Grenada, Bolivia and Dominican Republic, payed above fair trade prices.The chocolate is refined in Switzerland under the highest quality standards and perfected by local Chocolatier Ludwig Ratzinger into a superior chocolate bar.

Chocolate truffles

Fine Truffles by 3rd generation chocolatiers, Esta Chocolate Truffles start with a smooth outer layer of the finest chocolate and on the inside they are filled with a mouth watering molten layer of one of our divine flavours. They are luscious enough to win you over with just one bite.

chocoMe  Prize winning chocolates

chocoMe chocolates are made from assorted cocoa beans, with the best toppings from 20 countries around the world, handmade into an unique gastronomic experience.

ChocoMe works with Callebaut and Valrhona, sourcing exquisite flavouring ingredients from
around the world, such as Tahitian vanilla, hazelnuts from Piedmont, pistachio from Bronte, Voatsiperifery wild
pepper from Madagascar, freeze-dried fruits from Germany and flower petals from the southern France.  The chocoMe line can specifically pair with wine and coffee.