Location and History of Elgin Village and the Dargavel House

3 Main Street Elgin Ontario K0G 1E0       Telephone 613 359-5252 

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History of the Village and Dargavel House

The village of Elgin began as a Mormon settlement that was called Nauvoo. Lots were granted in 1801 to Leeds County women, Susannah Wiltse and Rebecca Wing, both daughters of United Empire Loyalists. Neither took occupancy and both parcels were eventually purchased by Samuel Halladay. In 1818, Ebenezer Halladay bought a 100 acre portion of Lot 12, Concession 2 from his brother and settled on that portion which now forms the south-east quarter of Elgin bounded by Main and Kingston Streets. source : http://www.twprideaulakes.on.ca/elgintour/

Commercial competition increased in 1871 when John Robertson Dargavel opened another store on Main Street. In 1893 he expanded the business and built the largest general store in North Leeds right opposite Newman’s on Main St. Up two-and-one-half storeys, an attic tank provided internal water pressure. Many small dormers in the roof lighted the attic. The Dargavel Store boasted the latest in gas lighting in that era prior to local electrification. On the first floor one of Dargavel’s daughters sold fine chinaware and linen. On the main floor Dargavel displayed a wide selection of merchandise visible through grand front windows encased by wooden pillars and a moulded pediment. There was a telegraph office;
John R.’s general store was the most up-to-date establishment in Elgin, indeed in South Crosby. The eastern wing of the building served as the family home with one upstairs bedroom for the clerks who worked in the store. Downstairs, John R. had a private office where he carried out his duties as Township Clerk, Justice of the Peace and for 14 years, a Member of the Provincial Legislature. John Robertson’s son was James Sawtell Dargavel, who took over the business when his father took office as MPP. James Sawtell expanded the business to include the cheese mill at Chaffey’s Lock.

store in elgin, ontario around 1910_

j_r_ dargavel house and store in elgin, ontario around 1910_


Subsequent history of the general store:

Anna Adelkind & Samson Fischman   1939 – 1985 -General Store, food items, fine china, linens, clothing and hardware

Sheila Leah Fischman, daughter, is a Canadian translator who specializes in the translation of works of contemporary Quebec literature. Fischman is a former editor of the Montreal Star’s book section, as well as a columnist for the Globe & Mail and the Montreal Gazette and a broadcaster for CBC Radio. She is a founding member of the Literary Translators’ Association of Canada and founding co-editor of Ellipse: Œuvres en traduction/Writers in Translation. She currently lives in Montreal. wikipedia

Cameron MacDonald – 1985 – 1989  Videoteque, Ice Cream Parlor

Charles Marion and Anne Bishop 1989 to 2016 Antiques and Collectibles, 


Since August 15 2016 Tamas Brummer and Ilona Deicsics have phased in a , gift shop, chocolates boutique.  central euripean grocery, gourmet take out and Austro-Hungarian restaurant. Local Artisans and Artists exhibitions in the main and 1st floor Gallery.