Pastries and Cakes

Turnovers, Cinnamon Rolls and various puff pastries available daily at the counter.  Cakes, pies and other specialty items can be advance ordered, generally 3 days in advance. 

Somloi Cake Slice


Punch Torte Slice

Dobos Torte

Virtuoso Fruit Cake

Sacher Torte Slice


Cappuccino Torte


Esterházy torte


Virtuoso cake slice


Chocolate Cake Slice



Apple or Blueberry Danish Turnover

Ricotta and Cottage Cheese Square

Cinnamon Roll

Hungarian Somloi Trifle

Hungarian Chesnut Puree

Hungarian Gerbeaud Slice


Flodni Slice


Poppy seed and Walnut Roll Slice


Poppy seed and Walnut Roll