Reviews of Savoury and Sweet Restaurant on Google

Reviews of Savoury and Sweet Restaurant on Google

andrea kei chan   January 2016

Loved the food, service and Christmas decorations. Great atmosphere as a whole. The crepes are soft and delicious, would highly recommend it to any

dessert lovers!

Rick Russell   October 2015
We celebrated our family Thanksgiving at Savoury & Sweet in Chippawa, near Niagara Falls, ON Tomas was very gracious.  He allowed us to move

tables to enjoy the view of the river out the window and was very patient in explaining the various eastern European specialties they have on the menu.
My mother had the chicken paprika while several of us had the Jagaer schnitzel.  The soups were excellent and the crepes were light and flavourful.  The

lemon sugar crepe was sharp and light tasting.  My pecan crepe was rich and delicious.  All of seven (7) of us really enjoyed it.
Tomas provided great suggestions and just the right amount of attention — always close by when you need him but not so solicitous that you felt hovered

We will bring back our friends and family soon!

Phil Barker June 2015
Absolute delight. Great food and Tomas (sorry Tomas if I am spelling your name wrong) and his wife are wonderful. Celebrated our 25th there and it was

perfect. Crepes are wonderful. Try the pecan and caramel one! Hoping to come back for a Jazz night.

Joseph Santangelo September 2015
If you are in Niagara and want a truly top notch culinary experience, you have to come here.  It is about 5 minutes from the Casino Each dish was

exceptional.  The soup, truly unique.  If you like sweets, they are light, flavorful and are accompanied with some of the best whip cream that you will ever

Service is great as well. Thomas is attentive and very helpful while reserved, unassuming and dignified.  (I still don’t understand how he stays so thin being

around such great food all the time.)

Carlos Pérez March 2015
Very special night in this european restaurant with very good food, limited price, and great live music with Estelle Perrault and Don Cyr. If I come back one

day to Niagara Falls, count on me.
And I agree, charming and very special owner

Phillip Duggan
Amazing crepes and lots of interesting house specialties.

A google user
Fantastic food, considerate service and relaxing atmosphere!!! Must try it!!!
We found it by chance and tried the cabbage rolls, Spinach and Feta Cheese with Sour-cream topping and the Chicken Schnitzel. This was our first time to

try some Hungarian & European food and we loved it so much that will definitely recommend and go there again!
Btw, the owner, an elder with sparkling eyes, looks really wise and irresistible charming!

A Google User

Home of the best schnitzel and cabbage rolls in Niagara Falls! Excellent service, relaxing atmosphere, and super-clean washrooms. Great prices and

great value.

Andor Kerekes 5stars

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